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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ladies' Night Cookies

Welcome new readers from Ladies' Night. I hope you enjoy looking around and if you see anything you like, email me at for a custom order:-)

For my regular readers, I was asked to make these cookies for a Ladies' Night event last night. I just made sugar cookies, dipped them in chocolate and topped them with a chocolate transfer. Chocolate transfers are designs that are made in coco powder and put on acetate sheets. When you put them on melted chocolate and peel away the sheet, it transfers the design...hence the name:-) Anyway, here is what I came up with:

Ladies' Night Cookies in White Chocolate Floral
White Chocolate Floral

Ladies' Night Cookies in White Chocolate Purple Shells
White Chocolate Purple Shells

Ladies' Night Cookies in White Chocolate Rose
White Chocolate Rose

Ladies' Night Cookies in Chocolate Lace
Chocolate Lace

Ladies' Night Cookies in Chocolate Damask
Chocolate Damask

Ladies' Night Cookies in White Chocolate Blue Lace
White Chocolate Blue Lace

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Donetta said...

Good morning Susie
Those are beautiful!
Where in the world do you find those transfers? I have never seen them before. I love a new find. The evening out I trust included you. I do so hope that it was a wonderful evening full of smiles, giggles and a few good hearty laughs. Oh I need to get to baking too. Right now sewing is the order of the day. Making several wall quilts/seasonal hangings.
It is nice to have a few moments to stop and say hello.
I hope everyone is well. Only a few more days before the long awaited holiday break. I just love it when the kids are off from school. So do they, every morning it is said to be the inspiration of hang in there only a few more days.:)
and so I sew

Candi said...

WOW! Those are so pretty!!!

The Blonde Duck said...


Amy said...

They are way too pretty to eat.. Amazing..

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Wow those are so beautiful!!! Where ever did you find the transfers?

Michelle said...

Those are gorgeous - what a fun cookie for ladies night. I'm doing a cookie exchange at my house on Sunday and still debating what to make for my contribution. I've never used the transfers but seen them used and love the idea of them.

Emily said...

Those are so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat, in fact. But I'm sure I could still taste one or two. ;)

scrapchick said...

Wow - those are beautiful! I'll have to try to track those down!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Those are georgeous!! Where do you find the transfers?

~Rachée said...

Amazing cookies! They look too good to eat!
Visiting from BPOTW

Amy said...

Thanks for linking these wonderful cookies up..

Dawn said...

Wow-i never heard of chocolate transfers-those are beautiful!

Michelle said...

WOW!! I love these cookies.
They look too pretty to eat.
You are very creative.
Merry Christmas!

The Cello Strings said...

love the patterns,
they are all delicious looking and beautiful.

kbreints said...

Wow! I have never heard of chocolate transfers, but it they are that easy I may have to try them! Thanks for sharing!

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