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Monday, February 4, 2008

Birthday Doll Cake

Well, I am done with my first doll cake and I must say, I think it looks great! Here is what I did:

I baked a yellow cake with a dome pan from a Bake and Fill set. Since there was batter left over, I baked the rest in a 12 square bar pan and that made the cake that the doll is holding. I put the dome cake over a double layer 9 inch yellow cake and filled them all with whipped chocolate ganache. Next, I frosted them with white buttercream frosting. That completed the cake assembly. Now, for the fun part.

Once the forsting was set, I kneeded 2 pounds of pure white fondant with some pink icing color. Then, I rolled it out and wrapped all but the front of the cake. Next, I inserted the doll pick and wrapped her bodice in pink fondant also. I edged the pink dress in buttercream rosettes and made buttercream ruffles in the front. Then, I dusted the ruffles in gold pearl dust it make it shiny. Lastly, I attached the small cake by balancing it on popicle sticks and made her a necklace of white fondant rolled in the pearl dust and viola:-)

I priced it out and the materials were $27.80 and it could be served up in 50 slices. I have done some reading around and it is customary to either charge three times the price of the materials or a price per slice. Three times the ingredients of this cake is $83.40 or $1.67 per slice. Since the going rate is $2 to $3 a slice, I am pretty much in the ball park with my price.


Sarah said...

The price is what always gets me. My cakes almost always come out to about $30 for materials....but I think $90 is way too much for a cake. But maybe it just way too much for ME to spend on a cake and others would.....what do you think? Have you sold any?

Hoosier Homemade said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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